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Imagine Instant Freight Rates Winning Over 70% of the time

TWO YEARS IN THE MAKING TO IMPLEMENT HIGHER LEARNING INTO WITH A  FREIGHT TOOL LIKE NO OTHER FOR PRECISE ACCURACY FREIGHT RATES in SECONDS that are RELIABLE and ACCURATE powered by Microsoft Azure BTU a Freight Rate Tool that uses Microsoft Azure Machine learning, predictive analytics, and artificial intelligence to give brokers the ability to […]

BTU Company brings 3PL Transportation Solution for Sales

Customer Trends in BTU Software Freight Tracking

Providing 3PL Transportation Sales Representatives the ultimate revenue generator. BTU Company’s transportation solution is three working modules together to provide sales representatives a platform to work from that includes freight rate tool, win/loss automation, and customer benchmarking all designed to eliminate the disconnect between sales and operations. Benefits and Features of the Ultimate Sales Platform […]

The Ultimate Web Based Application for Freight Brokers to Increase Revenue Immediately

Three-In-One by BTU Software Company is no TMS. It’s a web-based application designed to increase revenue by Integrating Three of the most important components of a Freight Broker through Microsoft Azure machine learning implemented under one platform Features and benefits for BTU’s Three-In-One • Win more freight in less time. • Quicker pricing turnaround for customers […]

How To Find The Best Software Company?

The main question is how to find the best software company? Well, if you are looking forward to get access to a company that has the solutions for the sales price control then you need to check out which company can give you the right solutions. You will come across many software companies. But the […]

Nebbia Technology and BTU Software Company Announce Partnership

Nebbia Technology, a leading software company that specializes in Azure-based solutions and DevOps best practices, and BTU Software Co., a supply chain software development company, today announced a partnership designed enhance BTU’s best kept secret RSO SOFTWARE. The demand for tools to forecast freight rates is higher than ever in transportation freight providers and shipping. […]