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THE most Intellectual Freight Rates are HERE!

CONVERTING LOSING FREIGHT RATES INTO WINNING  using BTU’S Sales FREIGHT RATE  Platform      Learning From Your Losing Freight Rates  There is no better insight into pricing strategies and improved selling process than win-loss Analysis benchmark against what your customers pay so you can leverage that information to winning more. Allows Users To: INSTANT FREIGHT RATES BASED […]

The Future Freight Rate Tool is now here!

Converting your losing FREIGHT RATES into WINNING BTU’S SALES FREIGHT RATE PLATFORM… is a powerful platform Freight Rate Tool that uses Machine Learning, Freight Win-Loss Analysis, and Customer Benchmarking to give brokers the ability to quickly know the right rates that provide wins and high margins BENEFITS & FEATURES ?IMPROVE INDIVIDUAL & COMPANY-WIDE COMPETITIVE FREIGHT […]

BTU Company brings 3PL Transportation Solution for Sales

Customer Trends in BTU Software Freight Tracking

Providing 3PL Transportation Sales Representatives the ultimate revenue generator. BTU Company’s transportation solution is three working modules together to provide sales representatives a platform to work from that includes freight rate tool, win/loss automation, and customer benchmarking all designed to eliminate the disconnect between sales and operations. Benefits and Features of the Ultimate Sales Platform […]

Freight brokers, meet the first of its kind freight rate prediction that uses Microsoft Azure Machine Learning- BTU’s Three Modules-In-One.

  It’s not a TMS (Transportation Management System) It’s Microsoft Azure Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics integrated into three crucial modules on one platform to provide the ultimate freight rate tool and revenue generator for 3PL providers. BTU applies these modules- freight rate, sales and customer bench-marking- to provide the ultimate machine-learned freight rate, as […]

BTU Software Company Finishes The First of Its Kind Freight Rate Prediction tool

BTU Software Company is excited to have finished implementing Microsoft Azure Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics to create the first of its kind freight rate prediction tool…     stay tuned for the detailed announcement

One of The Biggest Reasons Why Some 3PL Providers Fail To Gain More Business

Losing Your Focus on Your Freight Pricing A good majority of the Transportation Freight Providers struggle to gain more business due to lack of focus on freight pricing. Several Transportation Freight Providers rely on employees with less than 1 to 1.5 years experience and minimal tools to decide what pricing decisions to quote customers. The […]