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A Freight Rate Tool By Itself Just Isn’t Enough

BTU Freight Rate & Platform is an online tool that provides true unbiased freight rates and analyzes what customer pays on its lanes to capitalize on it. About BTU Software Company BTU Software Company is a supply chain software development company that specializes in providing 3pl transportation providers prediction method software. For more information on […]

BTU Company brings 3PL Transportation Solution for Sales

Customer Trends in BTU Software Freight Tracking

Providing 3PL Transportation Sales Representatives the ultimate revenue generator. BTU Company’s transportation solution is three working modules together to provide sales representatives a platform to work from that includes freight rate tool, win/loss automation, and customer benchmarking all designed to eliminate the disconnect between sales and operations. Benefits and Features of the Ultimate Sales Platform […]

One of the Biggest Reasons Some 3PL Providers Fail To Gain More Business

Some Transportation Providers Lose Their Focus on Their Pricing In my 20 years experience working with dozens of Transportation Freight Providers, a majority of providers I’ve come across relying on employees with less than one year experience and minimal tools to decide what pricing decisions to quote customers. The same observation of minimal experience and […]

BTU Software Brings Three-in-One Freight Rate Outlook

BTU Software works on three indispensable modules. It is a web application that uses Microsoft Azure to integrate these three concepts to provide the ultimate revenue generator for those who use it. A Program Embracing Three Statistics. Wondering what they are? Three-in-one implies three significant nodes: Freight Rate Prediction and Analysis Sales Approximation Measures, and […]

BTU Software Company to release Three-In-One all Rate Forecasting tool

When you combine Freight Rate Analysis, Sales, and Capacity all In one place new revenue emerges. We incorporated Microsoft Azure machine learning to form a three-pronged prediction method that allows our machines to analyze more data points and deliver a focused forecast, with a built in Confidence Meter that within seconds can reach your entire […]