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BTU and BAT LOGISTICS freight rate prediction update

BTU and BAT LOGISTICS freight rate prediction update. Imagine the ability to lock into a contracted rate just before spot rates soar. Imagine the ability to forecast how long to seek spot rates vs contracting rates. Imagine the ability to predict how peak seasons will impact freight rates. These and more BAT LOGISTICS seeks to […]

Imagine Instant Freight Rates Winning Over 70% of the time

TWO YEARS IN THE MAKING TO IMPLEMENT HIGHER LEARNING INTO WITH A  FREIGHT TOOL LIKE NO OTHER FOR PRECISE ACCURACY FREIGHT RATES in SECONDS that are RELIABLE and ACCURATE powered by Microsoft Azure BTU a Freight Rate Tool that uses Microsoft Azure Machine learning, predictive analytics, and artificial intelligence to give brokers the ability to […]

BAT Logistics, provider of 3rd Party Logistics and Transportation solutions, Incorporates BTU’s Sales Freight Rate Platform.

BTU’s SFR Platform is already transforming our company in ways we couldn’t have imagined,” said Jarrod Marinello, executive vice president. “We now have a customized freight rate machine learning tool that takes into account our entire transportation makeup when produces a rate. Most importantly we can give real rates in line with our working ability, […]

BTU Software Company Finishes The First of Its Kind Freight Rate Prediction tool

BTU Software Company is excited to have finished implementing Microsoft Azure Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics to create the first of its kind freight rate prediction tool…     stay tuned for the detailed announcement

BTU Software Brings Three-in-One Software for the Correct Freight Rate Outlook

BTU Software works on these three indispensable modules. It is actually a web application that integrates these three concepts to provide the ultimate ease to the marketers or the industrialists. Wondering, what is three-in-one? Three-in-one implies three significant nodes: Freight Rate Prediction and Analysis Sales Approximation The Capacity BTU Software works on these three indispensable […]

Everything You Need In One Freight Rate Tool

BTU Software Company to release Three-In-One all Rate Forecasting tool that implements Microsoft Azure machine learning. We don’t just forecast freight rates. We incorporated operations data into our rate tool to turn the forecasted rates into reality. Our three-pronged prediction method allows our machines to analyze more data points and deliver a focused forecast, with […]